Cascina Rosso October 2009 (English) - Mark Gerber

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Cascina Rosso October 2009 (English)

Here in a few words and a lot of pictures our experiences from October 2009 when we looked after the estate "Cascina Rosso" near Roccaverano in Piemonte.

First the location:

The owners, Judy and Adriano Rosso:

The house and the view from Cascina Rosso:

"Our" appartement in which we staied the whole month of October:

The  garden, which we had to look after:

The tasks, which we had to fulfill were mainly:

  • Water the vegetable

  • Turn over the soil

  • Turn over the manure and move it to its destination with the wheelbarrel

  • Harvest the vegetable, prepare it (clean and trimm) and bring it to the customers

  • Look after the dog (Gioia) and the cat (Abe, which is the shor form of Abraham. We still miss both of them, but especailly Gioia

We spoiled ourselfes with the food:

  • We baked the bread in the baking machine which we brought with us. Also the flour we brought from Switzerland

  • The vegetable of course we took top fresh and in organic quality from the garden

  • We found more than enough Chessnuts in the close forrest which belongs to Cascina Rosso

  • There we also found some mushrooms

  • and once or twice per week we went to one of the markets in the region and always came back with bags full of specialities

But not only this, we enjoyed eating out in the very good restaurants in the region!

We inqiured about the local festivals. That way we were for instance at the "Caldarrosta": A marroni festival. We were probably the only not local people there!

But we also made trips to different places and of course visited the markets. On two Sundays we went to antique markets (one in Acqui Terme, the other in Ovada):

But also the "dolce far niente" had some room. The weather was the whole month more or less superb!

The marvellous nature has shown us lovely pictures, here a few of them:

And of course the incredible sunsets, sunrises and full moon impressions.
Many times we were in Roccaverano on top of the tower which offers a unique sight. From there we have seen when the sight was clear (which it was a number of times) the Alps with Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.

And then the time came to say farewell. With the car loaded up to the roof we drove back north.

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